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Our team's goal is to help each student athlete that uses our services have an opportunity to experience the recruiting process and play at the next level.

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CARECRUITS is dedicated to Student Athletes in all sports. Our goal is to give every student athlete that uses our service has an opportunity to experience the recruiting process and play at the next level.

CARECRUITS – can trace its roots back to the 1989 and a high school Quarterback and Point Guard named Dejon Jernagin who wanted to play college football or basketball for somebody. For Dejon , and like many athletes today, recruiting was a mystery. It was a process athletes and families had to go through, yet no one was there to tell you how to do it—and do it well.

CARECRUITS is the California’s largest collegiate athletic recruiting network because our focus has always been on finding the best college options for our student-athletes. That means a school that can launch a lifetime of success by being a good athletic and academic fit. What sets Carecruits apart is our comprehensive approach that addresses every phase of the recruiting process. We understand that while each recruiting journey is unique, they all benefit from a systematic approach or process to hit key milestones and reach the ultimate goal of playing the sport you love in college.

Recruiting Strategy & Organization

Over 30 years of experience working with college coaches. Our company and it’s recruiting experts will design a plan that fits the student athlete and his/her family best.

We will also organize a realistic time line of when scholarships opportunities should be happening.

Online Presence

Carecruits make sure all social media outlets trending our student athletes names and accomplishments to give them best marketing and promotions of their brand. Which is themselves.

Personal Service

Carecruits the company pride itself on personal service from the very beginning of meeting with a family we do in home-meetings because we believe college should be taken as important as Life Insurance or Financial Planing.

College Connection

Everything in the recruiting business is about connections. Carecruits understands that and the company is daily contacting new coaches and Athletic Directors from around the country.

Coach Communications

Coach Communications is daily for us and our goal is to make it a daily , weekly, to monthly habit with our clients . By a monthly mock interview set up by Head Scouts our clients get a opportunity to practice what say and even more important what to ask college coaches when they call.

Client Placement

This is the ultimate goal placing or clients in the best program fit for them and their families. Since Mr. Jernagin started the first company S.A.A.S back in 1995 the company has a 91% placement rate.

CA Recruits Owner Dejon Jernagin



President/ Director of Recruiting

Dejon was a 2 sport athlete in high school from Los Angeles and Pasadena California. 

Dejon has worked in the recruiting industry in sports and post secondary education since 1992.

In 1992, Dejon worked as a hungry sports representative for Sports Placement Services, a company that represents some of the most prominent sports figures to every play the game including Muhammad Ali , Sandy Koufax, Jim Brown, Sugar Ray Leonard and more.

In 1995, Dejon started S.A.A.S, also known as Student Athlete Assistance Service, where he learned what he loved most was helping young athletes achieve their dreams. Since then, he has helped thousands of students do just that!


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